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Homework CH. 8 & CH.9 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Schoolwork CH. 8 and CH.9 - Assignment Example This training was initially drilled by all Muslims when at war or on a long excursion to maintain a strategic distance from illegal sex. Be that as it may, it was found to disappoint the ladies and the kids conceived out of the marriage after the man had left regardless of whether he took care of all the share and punishments of separation. This is a serious deal in Islam since legacy rights have the ability to impact ones destiny in the now and in the great beyond. The other present day issue between the Shiites and the Sunnis is the act of clinical intercessions, which are viewed as unlawful, for example, premature birth and family arranging including more up to date types of rewarding sterility. The Shiites have majority rule benefits of picking a profound pioneer considered an ayatollah that has the ability to make declarations simply like in the ecclesiastical framework. There is likewise part enchantment in the two religions and the height of strict saints into sainthood. The two religions have a solid portion as far as its fondness for freedom of its people groups in any event, supporting savagery as the need emerges. They likewise have numerous holy articles and altars to which their dependable compensation journey. The two of them have confidence in hallowed mediators among their dedicated who had demonstrated commendable strict enthusiasm. They are for the most part monotheistic religions. They have the Old Testament (Protestantism), the Torah (Judaism) and the Taurat (Islam). They all have faith in a damnation and a paradise just as a day of atonement. They all have confidence in a maker God who administers over the universe. They are on the whole eschatological in nature. He was the senior partner and father-in-law of Prophet Muhammad. He was the first to really put stock in the prophet and drove two significant effective intrusions against different caliphates just as fights for the sake of Islam. He was persuasive at that point and now The social force from the Sunnis originated from shared practices and severe adherence to strict practices, for example,

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Zeus And Odin Essay Example For Students

Zeus And Odin Essay Zeus and Odin Zeus is the leader of the Greek divine beings. He is the child of Cronosand Rhea, in actuality the main child of these two to make due to adulthood. Zeus hadbeen covered up by Rhea so that Cronos would not swallow him like he had all ofhis other posterity; he had been cautioned that one of his kids wouldeventually topple him. Rhea sent Zeus to the island of Crete where he wasraised. Zeus in the long run executed his dad. After he executed Cronos, he reestablished lifeto his siblings and sisters. He at that point drew parcels with his siblings Poseidon andHades to see who might become leader of the different pieces of the universe. We will compose a custom exposition on Zeus And Odin explicitly for you for just $16.38 $13.9/page Request now Zeus won the draw and turned into the preeminent leader of the divine beings. He is master ofthe sky, the downpour god. His weapon is a jolt, made for him by theCyclopes under the bearing of Hephaestus, which he flings at those whodisplease him. He wedded a progression of companions with whom he had manychildren including: Athena, The Fates, Ares, Apollo, Artemis, and Hermes. His last, and most notable spouse is Hera however he is well known for his manyaffairs. Odin is the pioneer of the Norse divine beings and has a heap of namesincluding Allfather, Ygg, Bolverk (criminal), and Grimnir. He additionally includes manyfunctions inside the fantasies including being a divine force of war, verse, astuteness, anddeath. Be that as it may, he isn't viewed as the primary divine force of every one of thesefunctions. Odins image is his otherworldly lance named Grungir which nevermisses its imprint. He likewise claims an enchantment ring called Draupnir which can createnine of itself consistently. It was this ring Odin laid on his child Baldersfuneral fire and which Balder came back to Odin from the black market. Odinalso has two wolves, Geri and Freki, and two ravens, Hugin (thought) andMunin (memory). He sends his ravens out each day to accumulate information forhim. Odin was bound to kick the bucket at Ragnarok; Fenris-Wolf gulped him. Knowing his destiny, he despite everything decided to grasp it and do fight, indicating the truewarrior ethic. He is the divine force of warriors and lords, not the basic man. Among his youngsters are:Thor, Hermod, and Balder. He is hitched to Frigg, thegoddess of marriage. The primary evident likeness among Zeus and Odin is intheir appearance. Both are extremely huge men, however they are not portrayed as fatmen. Both look incredible and premonition. They likewise are both demonstrated ashaving facial hair. A whiskers speaks to masculinity, in an essential path as facial hairis something that each man can have. In this sense the facial hair as a signaturefeature of these divine beings gets a feeling of connection to the individuals inside thesocieties that adored them. In the event that they had an alternate mark highlight, forexample wings, this would expel the divine beings from the basic man. Thebeard is something common individuals can identify with. It might likewise be of note thatthe cliché perspective on Vikings and Norsemen quite often includesbeards on the men. Perhaps they were attempting to imitate their head god ormaybe the god was made in t he picture of the common man. Here is thedirect correlation. Zeus and Odin were separate leaders over the divine beings intheir folklores. Zeus was known for maintaining the law and social request. Infact, one of his titles was Zeus Horkios which truly implies the Guarantor ofOaths. This is very comparable ot Odins recording of the considerable number of laws, contracts andagreements onto his lance which he will undoubtedly maintain. The two of them had theirpalaces in the sky somewhat. Mt. Olympus was extremely high (in themythologies; the genuine Mt. Olympus is a mountain, yet not extremely high.) It is alsoimportant to take note of that when the three siblings (Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades)were choosing which part of the world each would get, Zeus picked the sky. .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058 , .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058 .postImageUrl , .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058 .focused content zone { min-stature: 80px; position: relative; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058 , .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058:hover , .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058:visited , .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058:active { border:0!important; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058 .clearfix:after { content: ; show: table; clear: both; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058 { show: square; change: foundation shading 250ms; webkit-progress: foundation shading 250ms; width: 100%; obscurity: 1; change: darkness 250ms; webkit-progress: mistiness 250ms; foundation shading: #95A5A6; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058:active , .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058:hover { haziness: 1; progress: murkiness 250ms; webkit-change: darkness 250ms; foundation shading: #2C3E50; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058 .focused content zone { width: 100%; position: relative; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058 .ctaText { outskirt base: 0 strong #fff; shading: #2980B9; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: intense; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; content improvement: underline; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058 .postTitle { shading: #FFFFFF; text dimension: 16px; textual style weight: 600; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; width: 100%; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058 .ctaButton { foundation shading: #7F8C8D!important; shading: #2980B9; fringe: none; fringe span: 3px; box-shadow: none; text dimension: 14px; text style weight: striking; line-tallness: 26px; moz-outskirt sweep: 3px; content adjust: focus; content embellishment: none; content shadow: none; width: 80px; min-tallness: 80px; foundation: url(https://artscolumbia.org/wp-content/modules/intelly-related-posts/resources/pictures/basic arrow.png)no-rehash; position: supreme; right: 0; top: 0; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058:hover .ctaButton { foundation shading: #34495E!important; } .u30272da9e67625b 8a185b1885ba7b058 .focused content { show: table; stature: 80px; cushioning left: 18px; top: 0; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058-content { show: table-cell; edge: 0; cushioning: 0; cushioning right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-adjust: center; width: 100%; } .u30272da9e67625b8a185b1885ba7b058:after { content: ; show: square; clear: both; } READ: Chad Vonder Haar: Recklessness is an issue with todays youth EssayThere are numerous accounts of Zeus looking down from Mt. Olympus into the livesof other men. This is likewise the situation with Odin. He could watch different people,gods and humans the same, from his seat Hlidskialf in Asgard, Asgard being thepalace in the sky where the divine beings met. So there are particular similaritiesbetween Asgard and Mt. Olympus: both were in the sky, both took into consideration theobservation of the remainder of the world, both were the gathering place for the godsin their individual legends. The activities of the two divine beings are very importantto take a gander at also. Zeus is notable for going off into the universe of mortalsand attempting to have relations with the humans. Generally he would changeshape so as to achieve this. He accepting such structures as a bull, swan, goldenshower, and a quail, for instance. This shape-moving was additionally an average actionof Odin. He changed himself into creatures infrequently, for example, a snake or aneagle. (Strangely, Zeus is regularly portrayed as a bird!) But, more frequently thannot, Odin changed himself into The Wanderer. In this structure he was known towear a long dark shroud and a wide overflowed cap that secured or cast shadowsover his missing eye. In this structure he endeavored, on numerous events, to haverelations, regularly generating posterity. There is one story of Odin and Rindwhere Odin must change his shape on various occasions to address the issues of Rindwho he is charming. He changes from skipper of her dads armed force to a smithto a warrio r lastly is acknowledged into her arms simply subsequent to taking his naturalform as a divine being. This raises one significant contrast between the two: theattitudes of the two separate spouses of the divine beings, Hera and Frigg. Hera iswell-known for her desirous and wrathful responses to Zeus activities. However,Frigg doesn't have a similar response. To see the advancement of thisthought, see the spouses page. Another shared characteristic of the two divine beings is theirinteraction with humans. In both their meeting and helping of these humans Zeusand Odin distinguished certain individuals that they thought about extraordinary and offered themtheir help. This backings the hypothesis that these legends, on the grounds that theywere serving commonly less-propelled social orders (modernly, socially andintellectually), made divine beings who might descend and truly interactwith humans, gave the divine beings a feeling of substantial quality to the general public. At this pointc ould a general public have had the option to acknowledge a faultless, all-powerful being,especially one on a grandiose level, instead of a physical level? In the event that a divine being couldcome to a man and genuinely help him, that would be a motivating force to believeand revere. Both of these divine beings have a particular image of intensity. Zeus hashis lighting jolt, and Odin has his lance. Both of these things have a somewhatnegative translation. Lighting is a damaging power and a lance is a weaponused to slaughter. In our general public, divine beings are normally shown to have a very positivelight encompassing them and a weapon may appear to be odd to us as an image of agod. We should likewise observe that the divine beings both utilized their individual weapons bythrowing them. Possibly this is the start of the considerations of a vast substance the divine beings didn't need to be genuinely there, however could extend theirintentions from far off. The way that both of t hese images were dangerous inone structure or another brings up a couple of issues: Were these societies searching for adestructive god? Is it accurate to say that they were still at an express that a crude embodiment ofman was wanted as a divine being? Were these social orders taking a gander at disarray anddestruction as being more significant in the general public than request? It might be thatthe dread that they conjure will have individuals believing that they can be punished,and in the event that they are rebuffed it won't be a basic slap on the wrist, yet rather aspear or lightning jolt heaved at them. So I accept that this dread was usedwhen the fantasies were as a rule initially molded with the goal that one would

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How to Become a Positive Thinker

How to Become a Positive Thinker Happiness Print How to Become a Positive Thinker By Kendra Cherry facebook twitter Kendra Cherry, MS, is an author, educational consultant, and speaker focused on helping students learn about psychology. Learn about our editorial policy Kendra Cherry Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Carly Snyder, MD on November 12, 2019 facebook twitter linkedin Carly Snyder, MD is a reproductive and perinatal psychiatrist who combines traditional psychiatry with integrative medicine-based treatments.   Learn about our Medical Review Board Carly Snyder, MD on November 12, 2019 Hero Images / Getty Images More in Self-Improvement Happiness Meditation Stress Management Spirituality Holistic Health Inspiration Brain Health Technology Relationships View All During a busy day, it can become all too easy to focus on the negative. You might feel tired, overworked, and stressed out by all of the conflicting demands on your time. As a result, negative thoughts can creep into your mind. While you know that thinking positively is better for your state of mind, you might be surprised to learn that it can also be good for your health. Research has demonstrated that positive thinking can have a wide variety of benefits, from improving your self-confidence and psychological well-being to actually boost your physical health. So what can you do to eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with a more positive outlook? Even if you are not a natural-born optimist, there are things you can do to develop your positive thinking skills and reap some of the benefits of positive thinking. How Can Positive Thinking Benefit Your Mind and Body? Focus on Your Thoughts In order to be a positive thinker, you need to learn how to really analyze your thoughts. The stream-of-conscious flow of thought can be difficult to focus on, especially if introspection is not your strong suit. When you encounter a challenging situation, try to notice how you think about what is happening. Do you engage in negative self-talk? Do you mentally criticize yourself or others? This negative thinking presents a major obstacle, but identifying such thoughts is the first step in overcoming them. Some of the most common types of negative thinking involve focusing on only the undesirable aspects of a situation. For example, lets imagine that you have just spent a busy day at work. You gave a presentation and completed several tasks ahead of schedule, but you forgot to return an important phone call. Despite the successes of the day, that evening you find yourself ruminating on that one slip-up and worry how it will affect your success at work. Instead of reflecting on the positive and acknowledging the negative, you are ignoring the good and magnifying the bad. Self-blame is another common type of negative thinking. When your department does not reach its sales quota for the month, you blame yourself rather than acknowledging that the slow economy has led to fewer sales overall. This type of negative thinking can be particularly damaging to your psychological well-being. By taking the blame for things that are not your fault or are not in your control, your self-esteem and self-confidence take a serious hit. How to Become a Positive Thinker Changing the negative thought cycle can be a challenge and it is a process that takes time. Positive thinking is not about putting on a pair of rose-colored glasses and ignoring all the negative things you will encounter in life. That approach can be just as devastating as ignoring the positive and only focusing on the negative. Balance, with a healthy dose of realism, is the key. It is important to note that simply repeating empty platitudes  (Im good enough! Im smart enough! People like me!) can sometimes backfire and actually have a negative impact on your self-image. So what can you do when you find yourself overwhelmed with negative thoughts? Start with small steps. After all, you are essentially trying to cultivate a new habit here, and as anyone who has ever tried to change a behavior or keep a resolution can tell you, these things take time. Start by identifying one area of your life that is most affected by negative thinking. Perhaps you tend to think negatively about your personal appearance or your performance in school. By starting with a single and relatively specific area of your life, the changes will be more likely to stick over the long-run. So, lets imagine that you have chosen to focus on your negative thinking with regards to school. The next step is to spend a little bit of time each day evaluating your own thoughts. When you find yourself thinking critical thoughts about yourself, take a moment to pause and reflect. While you might be upset about getting a bad grade on an exam, is berating yourself really the best approach? Is there any way to put a positive spin on the situation? While you might not have done well on this exam, at least you have a better indication of how to structure your study time for the next big test. Watch carefully for negative self-talk. When your inner monologue starts suggesting that you will never get your assignments done on time or that the work is too hard, find a way to take a more positive view of the situation. For example, if you are struggling to finish a research paper on time, look for ways that you can rearrange your schedule to make more time for the project rather than giving in to hopelessness. When a homework assignment seems too difficult to complete, see if taking a different approach to the problem of seeking out assistance from a classmate might help. A Word From Verywell Being a positive thinker is not about ignoring reality in favor of aspirational thoughts. It is more about taking a proactive approach to your life. Instead of feeling hopeless or overwhelmed, positive thinking allows you to tackle lifes challenges by looking for effective ways to resolve conflict and come up with creative solutions to problems. It might not be easy, but the positive impact it will have on your mental, emotional, and physical health will be well worth it. It takes practice; lots of practice. This is not a step-by-step process that you can complete and be done with. Instead, it involves a lifelong commitment to looking inside yourself and being willing to challenge negative thoughts and make positive changes.

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Book Report On Happy Halloween - 1729 Words

Blog 1 – Happy Halloween arrives in time for the spooky season It is that time of year again, the time of year that brings out the very best in the online casino industry. Creativity is arguably at its peak during the autumn months, largely as the online casino industry looks to enter the Christmas season strong. Providing plenty of inspiration is the upcoming Halloween festivities, which always offer up images of ghouls and ghosts. Taking this inspiration to the next level is a brand new online slots game from Play’n GO. Simple in name, but without doubt fun in nature, Happy Halloween is game that channels the truck trick or treat nature of the Halloween season. Perfectly timed in arrival, Happy Halloween is a game that seemingly†¦show more content†¦5-reels, 4-rows, a detachment for the usual 3-row setup, gives players five additional symbols to work with, meaning that there are even more winning outcomes at hand. Ghost, ghouls, and a gargantuan amount of ways win, Happy Halloween can provide players with the perfect amount of thrills this Hallows Eve. Spooky Standards The standard game of Happy Halloween offers up countless ways to win, but that isn’t all. If you are lucky enough you can progress into the games bonus rounds, much of which come loaded with specials features. Taking inspiration from other leading Play’no GO titles, the key to success in Happy Halloween involves locating the Wild symbol, which takes the form of a jack-o’-lantern. This allows players to unlock even more winning combinations. Those looking to take their winnings to new heights should keep an eye out for the dastardly lady, as it can work to triple your winnings when landed on reels three, two, and one. Taking on board all the bonus elements, players have access to a potential 1,000,000-coin jackpot; this is one top of various free spins and in-game multipliers. Opportunity after opportunity, prize after prize, it all makes for an exciting affair should you choose to sit down and play Happy Halloween in the coming weeks. Scare of the Month There are a lot of Halloween themed games set to

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Review Of The Theatre - 812 Words

The theatre is a wonderful place to go and relax with friends, family, or by yourself. I am delighted that you decided to watch The How and the Why. This play is modern, and it is very different from other plays. The How and the Why involves feminism, science, and a lot of dramatic scenes. In addition, it is a very surprising and touching play that relates to everyone’s life. After directing this play, my life was personally affected. I realized how we all have conflicts with our mothers, especially young girls. I reflected on how mothers are always trying to help their children, but kids do not notice their attempts. Children also do not understand how much their mothers are willing to sacrifice. As a child, I remember getting into†¦show more content†¦Just like most children, Rachel eventually ends up going to her mother when she is scared, hurt, or sad. The reason being, everyone knows their mother is the best at comforting and giving advice. The How and the Why takes place in present time, and it is located in Massachusetts. The setting varies from a professor’s office in Cambridge to a dive bar in Boston. The play focuses on the life of Zelda and Rachel. Although the women are uncomfortable and nervous when they first meet, they are related. In addition, they are very similar. Therefore, Zelda tries to prevent Rachel from making the same decisions as her. The women’s relationship starts to develop when Zelda and Rachel start discussing science. There is an important science conference called NOORB that Rachel applied to but initially did not get in. Zelda is on the conference board, and she finds Rachel’s abstract to be very interesting. Therefore, she explains how she can get Rachel a spot. However, Rachel does not want to present her abstract without her boyfriend. After NOORB, Rachel goes through the stages of grief for multiple reasons. Zelda tries to comfort her, and she wants to spend time with her daughter. Therefore, she invites Rachel to spend Christmas with her in an inn in New Hampshire. However, Rachel refuses because she does not want to grow close to her birth mother. Rachel knows if she becomes close with Zelda, she will be heartbroken when she loses another parent.Show MoreRelatedReview Of The Fiske Theatre Essay894 Words   |  4 Pagespaper was interest to read what Aaron wrote about the Fiske Theatr e because I am also familiar with this theatre and liked to read how he viewed it. What is this writer trying to tell you? This writer is trying to tell me about the history of and the nostalgia surrounding the Fiske Theatre. What is the paper’s community research topic? (Please write the topic in the space provided.) This paper s community research topic is the Fiske Theatre, located in Oak Grove, Louisiana and the history as wellRead MoreTheatre Review of Scorcher Essay801 Words   |  4 PagesTheatre Review of Scorcher I thought that the set was quite spacious and was well organised out. The set had many different illustrations that gave a good effect. The actors had plenty of room and not for one minute did the set the stage looked squashed claustrophobic. The stage was also set out in a circle where the audience would sit around the stage and the actors would perform while being surrounded by the audience. This type of seating made the play more interestingRead MoreLive theatre review of Bouncers Essay1002 Words   |  5 PagesBouncers; 17th of October at High Wycombe Swan Theatre. Bouncers is a comical, yet serious dive into urban nightlife. The actors use multi-role to play a variety of different characters with hilarious results. Throughout the updated version of the play, John Godber (original writer and director) highlighted his intentions through Lucky Eric’s daunting monologues; we still drink too much as a society today. Nonetheless, the dated stereotypes and the use of Frank Sinatra and ‘Thriller’ did make theRead More Review of a live piece of theatre - Blood Brothers Essay1101 Words   |  5 PagesReview of a live piece of theatre - Blood Brothers Review of a live piece of theatre Introduction:We went to see the Blood Brothers on the 23rd of May at the Phoenix Theatre. The plot of the story was that there were two twins separated at birth. One of the twins grows up in a middle class house hold. The other one in a working class house hold we see the different ways in which they grow up and the clothes that they wear are different. The play examines the issue of social in BritainRead MoreEssay about 39 Steps Live Theatre Review730 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Earlier this summer on the 14th of August at the Criterion Theatre in Oxford Circus, I went the evening performance of The 39 Steps. The 39 Steps was originally a book by John Buchan set before the First World War, the book was later adapted into a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It was a serious book and film following a bachelor called Richard Hannay who meets a mysterious German woman at a play, the women begs him to take her home with him and later reveals she is a spy trying to discoverRead MoreAnalysis Of Forster s The Machine Stops 759 Words   |  4 Pagestheatrical and Neil Duffield did bring an adaption of â€Å"The Machine Stops† to the United Kingdom where it will be directed by Julie Forster in June 2016 (Allfree). Even more interesting is that while this is one way social media may be approached in theatre, theatre can also be approached, appreciated, and reviewed via social media. Social media gives people an ease of use, is a quick way to communicate, and it is able to reach many people. Because of these things, social media is quickly changing â€Å"trendsRead MoreWith modern technology and developments such as the internet, we have been given loads of ways to1400 Words   |  6 Pagesto put our opinions up for people all over the world to read, if they wish. This has had many impacts on the performing arts industry and its counterpart, arts criticism. These days, â€Å"a potential ticket buyer†¦ [is] just as likely to come across a review.. on someone’s personal blog as they are to†¦ find the opinion of an experienced critic† (Seabright, 2010). People are becoming more cautious to what they spend there money on, you can’t ask the box office for a refund so more research is being doneRead MoreThe Works Of Vincent Dance Theatre1687 Words   |  7 PagesIn this essay I am going to be analysing the works of Vincent Dance The atre and how they have used and practised different theories in their work. I am also going to be exploring different cultural concepts from the work and how they relate to society. The director of Vincent Dance Theatre is Charlotte Vincent, the founded the company in 1994 and has continued to create such interesting and powerful work which involves a very wide range of different concepts and cultural meanings. Charlotte VincentRead MoreJukebox Musicals Essay1495 Words   |  6 PagesJukebox musicals began in film and later shifted to theatre. They had begun to make theatre more popular with the public, which had begun to gravitate towards film and music. By combining the two, they gain some of the same as well as a whole new audience. I will discuss how this came to be by speaking of the shift that occurred. But what exactly is a jukebox musical? Well, the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a musical as â€Å"(n) a film or theatrical production typically of a sentimental or humorousRead MoreEvaluation Of A Mini Reading Lesson Plan1300 Words   |  6 PagesLanguage Arts 3rd – 5th Grade, 2013, p. 20). 6. Strategy Objectives: a. Content Objectives: Fluency and expression b. Student Outcome Objectives: †¢ The students will create a Readers Theatre script using the book â€Å"Finklehopper Frog Cheers† (Livingston Lies, 2005). †¢ The students will perform a Readers Theatre piece. †¢ The students will read with fluency and expression 7. Anticipatory Set: Have you ever wanted to go to a birthday party or to a new friend’s house, but were worried that you might

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Dogs Free Essays

Dean Winchester Comparison Contrast Essay There are many types of dogs in the world and two of the most common dogs are Chihuahuas and German Shepherds. Each completely the opposite of each other like Chihuahuas barely shed, are low energy and do not eat much and vice versa with German Shepherds. For people who wouldn’t want a house full of dog hair then low shedding dogs such as the Chihuahuas would be ideal. We will write a custom essay sample on Dogs or any similar topic only for you Order Now If you don’t mind cleaning every day and would make the sacrifice to get a good dog then a German shepherd would meet the criteria. Along with pet hair dogs also release pet dander, and while for some it may not bother them others have allergic reactions to it. While it is impossible for dogs no matter how little they shed to not give pet dander, the smaller they shed hair the less pet dander is released, same as high shedding dogs. How much a dog eats should be taken into consideration if shedding isn’t a criteria into picking a dog. Obviously the bigger the dog the more it’ll eat except for those few special cases such as Siberian Huskies who are frugal eaters. Chihuahuas are the world’s smallest dogs so they won’t gobble their food every time you pour it into their bowl which will make the food supply last longer thus result in buying less dog food. Another thing to consider between these two dogs would be their exercise requirement. People can say Chihuahua’s are high energy, and while it may have a small truth to that it that, their energy runs out quickly. A 30 minute walk or less can take care of that and it doesn’t have to be every day. On the other hand German Shepherds are definitely high energy – high exercise dogs. Apart from they’re friendly once they get to know you, they are intelligent but also are willing to run and run and run. Great for police departments whom have suspects they are chasing. Dogs like that need daily exercise that will use up that energy or will turn into a problem such as destroying furniture or digging holes which could lead to them escaping. Chihuahuas are capable of doing the same but with a small walk it’ll be taken care of. If you are a couch potato you obviously do not want a high shedding, high energy, gobbler for a dog even if they are amazing like the German shepherd, you’ll be going for the low energy, low shedding, small quantity eating Chihuahua. While both dogs are excellent in being family friendly their different qualities should be taken in consideration before picking a friend that can last a over a decade. How to cite Dogs, Essay examples

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Ethiopia Culture free essay sample

Introduction As a nation in the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia is among the oldest countries in the world that was founded around 980 B.C. Furthermore, unlike most African countries it was the first to gain independence alongside other powerful nations in the world because of its resistance to being over-powered by the Italians who had occupied a magnitude area of the Ethiopian land and had an interest in colonizing it. At that times, Ethiopia was known as Abyssinia, and its ability to resist the Italian efforts twice had placed it on the books of history that it was never colonized like Liberia or some other countries of African continent. As a landlocked country, its landscape is mostly made up of plateaux and mountains that are almost 13,000 feet. Its plateaux have been separated by the Great Rift Valley resulting in the existence of the Western and Eastern highlands that are mostly wet due to frequent rains alongside the lowlands that are mostly dry and hot. Consequently, most of its citizens reside in the Western Highlands where also the capital of the country is – Addis Ababa.Its climate is mild with temperatures of under 20?c in the Western Highlands and above 30?c in the lowlands. Annually, the country experiences favorable climate from March to October.Population, Culture, and ReligionAccording to the estimates made by the United Nations recorded in the Worldometers (2017), Ethiopia currently has a population of 85 mln individuals. On the contrary, despite its population number, the country is identified as one with a lower life expectancy across the world because the estimated life span of Ethiopian women is 50 years, whereas that of the men is 48. Like most of the African countries, Ethiopia has a diverse culture and ethnicity. Their distinctions in culture practices are influenced mostly by the religious faith and practices of the people in question. A great number of the population are members of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, but there are also some people who are Christian Protestants and Roman Catholics. Besides, Islam is one of the major religions practiced in the country. Alongside Christianity and Islam is Judaism which was adapted from the ancient days. Also, Ethiopians practice traditional faiths which are not in line with the main religious practices. The religious practices are very strict in their doctrines up to extended restricting of some meals like pork in both the Islamic and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Moreover, there is no liberty in choosing a sexual orientation, since it is obligatory to practice heterosexuality in the country. Therefore, the practice of homosexuality is unaccepted, since it is considered illegal and evil.While Amharic is the national language, there are many other languages that are spoken by the tribes found in the country.  These are the Oromo people who make up 32% of the population, the Amara, Tigraway, Somalia, Gurage, Sidama, and the Welaita among others. In reference to the 1994 census, as recorded by the Commisceo Global Consultancy Ltd (2017), Ethiopia had close to 84  indigenous languages with English as the most spoken foreign language. In reference to their social systems, Ethiopians value their families which are mostly extended with the paternal parents being a central part of the nuclear families. Furthermore, respect for the elderly is a mandate with various courteous practices even in the greetings. Their traditional dress-code is mostly woven cotton attires that are embroidered with various colorful designs. These traditional clothes are referred to as the Netella, Kemis, and Gabbi with distinct designs for men and women.EconomyAs recorded by the World Bank (2017), Ethiopia is among the most populated countries in the Sub-Saharan parts of Africa. Besides, it is among the poorest nations considering that its economy is a transitive one and mixed with a large public sector. Despite the economic status of the Ethiopian people, it is the African country that produces the most massive amount of coffee (the 5th country in the world by the scale of this industry). The currency used in the country is referred to as the Ethiopian Birr (22.98 ETB = 1 USD). To deal with the issue of poverty and poor economic status of the country, its government is looking into privatizing most of the public sector businesses. Some of the natural resources found in Ethiopia besides land are gold, copper, natural gas, platinum and potash which are found in minimal reserves (National Geographic, 2017).HealthAs affirmed by Aseffa (1993), Ethiopia experiences outbreaks of viral diseases which are the contributors of morbidity among infants in the country. Some of the most prevalent diseases observed in Ethiopia include measles, poliomyelitis, yellow fever, rabies, and rubella. Moreover, there are high infection rate and transmission of such illnesses as Hepatitis E, C, and A, including the transmission of HIV/AIDS which is also on the rise. To handle these diseases, the country needs to invest in an organized and efficient national laboratory for purposes of analyzing the roots which cause these diseases and health conditions of the population while findin g ways to control and prevent the diseases from spreading. Conclusion The diverse ethnicity and cultural practices in Ethiopia are among the great contributors of the uniqueness of the country. Its ability to resist the Italians has ensured that it is considered a powerful nation in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. From its social and economic aspects, Ethiopia is seen as a distinct  country which is impacted by the diversity of its people, languages, religions, and traditions. References A, Aseffa. (1993). Viral Diseases in Ethiopia: A Review. East African Medical Journal, vol 70, no. 10, 2017, 624-626. National Geographic. (2017). Ethiopia Facts. Retrieved May 12, 2017, from National Geographic: http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/countries/ethiopia-facts/The World Banl. (2017, April 17). Ethiopia Economic Overview. Retrieved May 12, 2017, from World Bank: http://www.worldbank.org/en/country/ethiopia/overviewWordometers. (2017, May). World Populations. Retrieved May 12, 2017, from Worldometers: http://www.worldometers.info/